Our Instructors

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Kerry McComiskey Boyd

I am a 3rd generation handler. Growing up in the world of dog I have been able to show many different breeds and learn from some of the most talented handlers in the business.

I specialize in French Bulldogs, Dobermans, German Shorthair Pointers and Boxers. I am a member of the PHA (Professional Handler’s Association) and I am an AKC Registered Handler.

My philosophy is “The dogs always come first”. I have been a conformation trainer for approximately 15 years. I am so excited to be one of the Alpha Dog family!


Jen Banks

Jen has been training assistance dogs for NEADS since 2009. She has experience training dogs for people with physical disabilities, children with autism, as well as people who are deaf.

Jen is a professional member of APDT and a CGC evaluator. She is also working to finish her BA in psychology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In January 2014, Jen bought a Shiba Inu named Bomba. At seven months old, Bomba was turning light switches on and fetching dropped articles, he just loves to work! Look for them in the agility ring soon.  She is currently training a beauceron puppy named Mac as a service dog for Balance and Service K9s.

Dogs are meant to have jobs, and are much happier when you give them something to do. Jen believes that training should be fun for all involved and should strengthen the relationship between people and their dogs.

Bound to Bond Dog Training

Anne Steciw

I have been training and competing in the sport of Nose Work since it first came to the East Coast in 2010. I joined the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) in 2010, and have competed in over a dozen official NACSW K9 Nose Work trials with my two dogs. My dog Rockit was the first dog on the east coast to reach NW3 Elite and we competed in the 2014 Nationals in Santa Rosa, CA.

Although I am not a certified instructor, I follow the same training timeline and methodology used by own teacher, Gail McCarthy (scentinelnosework.com). This method uses lots of positive reinforcement and encourages independent hunting behavior on the part of the dogs. Nose Work is a great way to build a dog’s confidence while also increasing the bond between dog and handler.

I also compete in the sport of Flyball with Rockit, a Belgian Malinois, and have competed in AKC Rally Obedience with my dog Spiffy. Both of my dogs have earned High in Trial in the sport of K9 Nose Work — a testament to how much they love it. I have hosted two official NACSW trials and plan to host more.

New England Scent Dogs

Please welcome our newest trainer, Jocelyn Mahoney.
Jocelyn began learning about dog training as a volunteer weekend puppy raiser for NEADS, assisting in the training of service dogs. Later, she went on to pursue a career as a veterinary technician, working in that field for ten years, the last five of them in emergency medicine. Her interest in canine behavior led her to become Fear Free certified, working to make veterinary visits less traumatic for canine family members.
Jocelyn owns Almost Home Dog Care, an in-home boarding company for dogs that provides home setting care for dogs while families are away.  Jocelyn will be teaching and running our Day School in the fall. She has a Fitpaws Instructor’s certification, so will be adding that to the Day School curriculum as well as our roster here at Alpha Dog. In her free time she enjoys hiking and being outdoors with her two dogs Rosko and Triton, and her son Aidan.