Welcome to Alpha Dog K9 Training

As professional dog trainers, time and time again we have heard our customers say, “He does well at the training center, but when I get him home he still jumps on people, rushes the door, barks excessively, and just doesn’t behave.” This is the reason for our in-home training program. Most dogs stay in the home environment most of the time so we will come to you and train your dog in your home, where you’re having the problems. Any behavioral issues are dealt with in the setting that they occur, making them easier to correct for the dog and owner.

We also recognize that people are busy and often don’t have time to put the dog into the car, drive to a training center, take the class, then drive home, which can take the better part of a morning or evening. When you have a class with us, we arrive at a time of your choosing, and you’re done in an hour!

Continued training includes some fun and games at our group classes at our training facility in Medway. Come and try our group obedience, earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certification, or join us for Rally-O.

If you want to treat your best friend like a best friend but are short on time or have a difficult schedule, contact us today.