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Picking the right puppy for your family

We want you to be successful!  We’re happy to council you on breed choice and/or temperment test shelter dogs or litters of puppies for you to ensure that you go home with the right puppy or dog for your family.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than having to return a dog to a shelter or breeder because it wasn’t a good fit.                Occasionally we do have suggestions for great local breeders whose dogs we have experience with, so check here first!

Basic Obedience

Our basic obedience course runs for 6 weeks and is either a private course with your dog, your family and your trainer or a semi-private course with no more than 4 dogs to a class. Your class can be held in your home at any time that is convenient for you, on any day that’s convenient for you.

Your classes will be 45 minutes long once a week. The following skills are taught: heel, holding sit, holding down, come, stay, leave it, sit for petting and go to place. All skills are practiced under distractions that your dog would normally encounter, such as food on the floor or dog in your yard.

We will also teach you how to extinguish any negative behaviors that your dog may currently be exhibiting such as jumping, nipping, bolting out doors and vehicles and nuisance barking.

Our trainers are well versed in several different training methods including leash and collar, and e-collar. They will suggest whatever method will work best for you and your dog taking personalities and your goals into consideration. Will your dog compete, do you want him or her off the leash or do you simply want a dog that’s welcome at family gatherings?

Classes are offered on your time schedule whenever you and your best friend are ready. Dogs of all ages are welcome in our program, so please don’t think that your dog cannot be trained because he’s missed the training “window”!

Classes are always tailored to meet your specific needs and the needs of your dog, so if you have any requests or special needs please let us know, we will always accommodate.

Advanced Obedience Training

Group and private classes are offered for dogs that have completed a basic obedience course. This course includes attention heeling, off-leash commands, and hand signals, and is great for students with an eye toward competition, or those students who wish to take their dog to the “next level.”

Group Classes

All group classes are held at our training facility in Medway, MA (4 Main Street, Unit E). Please check our class schedule to see what’s offered this month, and in which room you will be working. We offer drop-in basic obedience, tricks classes, recall (come when called), attention and heeling classes, puppy kindergarten and advanced puppy, so please check to see what’s coming next!

Sorry, there are no make-up classes offered for missed group classes.

New Puppy Training

We now offer the AKC Star Puppy program!  This six week course is especially for large breed puppies under 4 months and small breed puppies under 6 months, and owners who need a refresher course in what to do with a puppy. Learn about crate training, grooming, emergency first aid, how to give medicine, and how to stop problems like accidents, nipping, jumping, and excessive barking. We will also introduce your puppy to the basic obedience commands and food training.

Advanced Puppy is next up for you and your pup!  This is a fun class that teaches you how to bond with and earn respect from your puppy through the use of fun games and drills.

Please remember to bring proof of a clean fecal report from your vet to your first puppy K class!

Behavior Modification Consultations

Does your dog bark excessively, exhibit aggressive behaviors, fight with other dogs, steal things, chew things that aren’t his/hers, jump on people, or drag you down the street? These and other undesirable habits are evaluated, and workable solutions are taught.

Clicker/Trick Training

Learn the basics of clicker training. This technique is great for training puppies, attention work, and for working on certain problem behaviors.