Our Day Training Program

Spring is right around the corner!  Is your dog ready to go for long walks with you, exploring new places, or is he still dragging you around the neighborhood?  Does he wait to say hello to friends, or is he still jumping on people and grabbing hands in his mouth?

Are you devoted to your dog, but don’t have the time or schedule that allows for attending a weekly training class?

We understand and have developed a program for you and your best friend!

Our day training programs include different programs for you to choose from, but all are here at our training facility.  This is not a board and train program, all dogs will go home at the end of the day so that there’s no undue stress on your best friend..

We offer flexibility on days/times for training.  Drop off and pickup times are generally between 9am and 5pm.

All dogs will have a written training plan/summary at the end of each week.

Basic obedience training:  Includes six full days (9a-5p) of training with our instructors over 2 weeks (the days are flexible) one private lesson per week and one group lesson upon completion of the course.  This course includes heel, sit stay, down stay, leave it, sit for petting, manners at the door, and go to place.  This course is approved for dogs who have already taken our basic obedience class and need a refresher, as well as pups over 5 months who are new to obedience training.  Cost is $925.00

Custom training:   We can tailor this course to your needs.  Dog jumping/lunging at people when greeting?  Mouthing?  Running out of the door or refusing to heel on walks?  Won’t sit or down?  This is the perfect solution.  Course is approved for any dog, any age.  Cost is $495.00

*We accept personal checks and cash as payment and do not accept credit cards at this time. Payments are made directly to your instructor.

Please email us today at Christina@alphadogk9.com to set up your training days!

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