We do not accept credit cards as payment.  We do accept cash and personal checks made out to your instructor.    


Please bring your dog to class on a 4 or 6 ft. fixed leash (not a flexi) and anything else you use to train your dog.  Students are NOT allowed to work off leash unless directed to do so by your instructor. 

Please note, the entrance for classroom 2 is at the rear of the building, the door is clearly marked.

Please have a bait bag (we do sell them here) to put your dog’s treats in, not a ziplock bag in your pocket.  The timing of rewards is important and if you’re fumbling with a ziplock your timing will be incorrect.  Please bring small high value bait (dehydrated liver, favorite cookies, etc) for obedience classes and your puppy’s food for kindergarten class. 

If you’re not sure about which class to enroll in, here’s a guide:                         *Large breed puppies under 4 months and small breed pups under 6 months should enroll in puppy kindergarten.                                                                     *Pups aged over that or “new to you” dogs should enroll in a basic obedience class.  After your basic obedience class, the sky’s the limit!   

Everyone is welcome at class, but there can only be one handler with the dog at a time.  Children need to be old enough to be able to sit and watch or be carried~remember that we do train aggressive dogs!

Basic obedience courses:                                                                                 Mondays, beginning on November 6 at 6:30 pm, classroom 1                           Mondays beginning on November 13 at 7:30pm in classroom 1                      Tuesdays, beginning on November 7 at 7:30pm in classroom 1                            Wednesdays, beginning on October 4 at 6:30 in classroom 2                               Saturdays, beginning on October 14 at 11am, classroom 1 with Jen             Students in this 6 week course will learn how to capture and keep your dog’s attention, walk on a loose leash, sit and stay, down and stay, learn short on-leash recalls, sit for petting, go to place and stay, and leave items including food alone when told to.  Note:If you have registered and been confirmed, your class may be filled and taken off the site, it is not cancelled. Four dogs max in this course!  Please pre-register, as these classes fill quickly. Cost $275.00 to your instructor.  We accept cash and personal checks and do not accept credit cards at this time.

Day Training-  No time to train the dog?  Drop him or her off with us, we will take care of the basics!  Day training involves our trainers working with your dog to instill the following commands on a short leash under distraction:  Sit stay, down stay, come, leave it, loose leash walking, and go to place.  We also work on car manners, door manners and proper greeting of strangers.

How it works:  We ask that you leave your dog with us for three days (M/W/F) for two weeks.  We are open for drop-off between 8:00 and 10am and pick up between 4 and 6:15pm.  (This is NOT a board and train program.  All dogs will go home with you each night.)  At the end of each week the owner will have a private lesson with one of our Alpha Dog trainers who will teach you how to continue your dog’s education.

Now enrolling for start date October 2, 4, 6, and 9, 11, 13.
Please reserve your dog’s spot early, as we have extremely limited openings for this program.  Cost is $1100.00 and includes a 6 ft. leather leash, training collar if needed, and a small bait bag from Cody’s Creations.

Introducing FITPAWS, Doggy Gym class with April Pelletier, CVT, CCFT FP-MT of New England Canine Athlete, LLC
We are SO HAPPY to welcome April and Fitpaws to Alpha Dog!  Beginning on Monday, September 11 at 7:30pm, come and see what all the excitement is about.  Who needs to go to the doggy gym?  April has clients who do competitive sports with their dogs, clients who have pets and just want something fun to do with their dog, clients with elderly dogs who are just trying to keep them mobile, and clients with nervous dogs trying to build confidence. Puppies are welcome too, as fitness is really for everyone!  The group class is for physically sound dogs, please, but feel free to email us to book a one on one lesson with April when your dog is ready.  Cost for the 6 week course is $175.00, please pre-registers early, as this class will fill quickly.

In home training:  Do you need a trainer to come to your home to work with your dog?  We will address nuisance barking, jumping, pulling on leash, rude behaviors, as well as basic obedience tasks–heel, sit stay, down stay, come, leave it and go to place.       Cost including a training collar is $800.00 for the six week course.  (***Because safety is our first priority, we will not address aggression during in-home courses.  If you have a dog with aggression issues, we would be happy to see him or her at our facility for training before any in-home classes are scheduled.)

E-collar Training. Fresh from a June 2017 certification course with the Monks of New Skeet and Marc Goldberg, we are proud to offer e-collar training the force free way.  This private course includes six classes here at Alpha Dog with dog and owner to ensure rock solid obedience and/or recall.  Cost is $600.00, please pre-register.

Basic obedience 2:                                                                                                                                            Tuesday, October 17, at 6:30 in classroom 1                                                           Team must have completed a basic obedience course, either with us or elsewhere and be approved by our trainers for this 6 week course. In this class we will be adding distance, distraction and duration to basic obedience commands, learn the stand stay, say hello, and work on fading handler cues. Please pre-register. Cost $150.00 to your instructor.

Advanced Obedience~BOOT CAMP!  This is an obedience class for teams who enjoy a challenge and want to be kept on their toes.  New commands, proofing, CD prep. You must be approved to enter this class.. $150.00 to your instructor.

Canine Good Citizen/CGC-A/Therapy Dog test prep class begins on Saturday, September 9at 9am in Room 1 CGC Testing is available at your convenience.  If you are planning to test your dog for the AKC CGC, AKC Community Canine (CGC-A) or any therapy dog test and have completed a basic obedience class, then this 6 week course may be your next step.  Cost is $150.00 to your instructor. FYI~Your dog must be 6 months at the time of the CGC test, and 1 year at the time of most therapy dog testing.  AKC CGC Test includes:

Conformation handling with Kerry Boyd, ongoing, Tuesdays at 10am and Wednesdays at 7pm in classroom 1. Drop-in, cost is $10.00.

Drop-in basic obedience class, in room 1 on Saturdays at 10am.                        Basic review, fun and games, outdoors whenever possible.  These classes are for students who have completed a basic obedience course who would like more work in the company of other dogs.  Classes are indoors and out, depending on weather. Cost is $15.00, cash only please.

Nose work for beginners.  Want to teach your dog to hunt scent?  Is your high drive dog bored?  This game has become so popular that it’s now a competitive sport!  Please email me for the next start date!  Cost is $150.00 to your instructor.

On the Road! This 6 week class will focus on in public basic obedience–how to enter and exit the vehicle safely, out of sight stays, remaining at the heel at all times, saying hello to strangers, and manners.  First class at Alpha Dog, others will be announced at the first class. Cost is $150.00 to your instructor.            

Puppy Kindergarten~Saturdays at noon in classroom 1 on September 30 and Thursdays at 6pm on September 7th in room 1.  We are so excited to be able to give your puppy a great beginning, and follow the AKC Star puppy program!  Your instructor will teach you how to handle, groom, and housebreak your puppy as well as begin to learn your pup’s body language.  You’ll get answers to the many questions that crop up with a new puppy.  He or she will also learn how to sit and down with a food lure and begin to love the leash!  Please bring with you to your first class: proof of vaccines, proof of a clean fecal test, and treats or your pup’s kibble. Please pre-register for this 6 week class and bring proof of a clean fecal report from your vet with you to your first class. Cost is $150.00 cash or check to your instructor.

Advanced puppy–Saturdays, coming soon!  This course is for pups over the age for beginner puppy, rescues, or any team who isn’t ready for obedience class yet. Large breed dogs will be under 5 months and small breed will be under 7 months. Skills taught in this class are: beginner recall, handling skills (nails, teeth, ears), puppy learns to defer to handler and respect space (no lunging for things, no stealing, no shooting out of doors), handlers are taught how to play with their dog, and children are taught the correct way to interact with their dog.  Cost is $150.00 cash or check to your instructor.

Rally for beginners.  Rally O is a dog sport based on obedience. It was originally devised by Charles L. “Bud” Kramer from the obedience practice of “doodling” – doing a variety of interesting warmup and freestyle exercises. It’s A GREAT NEXT STEP after your basic obedience class.  Here’s what it looks like:   Please pre-register, cost is $150.00.

Recall class!  Does your dog come when called?                                          This newly redesigned 6 week class begins outdoors at Alpha Dog, but will progress to other locations.  Please bring a bait bag and long line to all classes (15-20 foot only, we like the ones at Cody’s Creations) or purchase one here ($25.00 cash or check to Cody’s Creations) as well as your 6 foot leash.   All classes will be outdoors, weather permitting.  Please pre-register, cost is $175.00 to your instructor.  Begins Saturday, September 23 at 3pm in room 2.

Retrieve  Have you ever wanted to teach your dog to retrieve your slippers, the paper or pick up his own toys?  This 6 week course is for dogs that have already completed basic obedience and would like to try something more challenging and utilizes a positive training approach.  There will be no ear pinch/toe hitch/aversives used.   Begins on Saturday, September 23 at 2pm in room 2.   Cost is $150.00 to your instructor.

Tricks you can actually use!  We will be teaching three new behaviors to your dog that are both functional and cute!  Great for a pause in obedience training, introducing a scared dog or puppy to training, or for therapy or service dog training.  Cost is $150.00 for the 6 week course, starts September 23 at 1pm in room 2.

As always, we offer private instruction at our facility or in your home, single classes or complete courses, at your convenience as well as ongoing Canine Good Citizen testing, whenever you’re ready.  Please call for pricing.

Rental of our space for training is available at $20/hr and can be used for obedience, nose work, agility, etc.  Please email or call for availability.

Our classes will change as our demand does, so please check back often.  If you would like to see something offered, please email me!